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Filling Machine

Filling machine
Ourdosorscover all types of flexible and rigidmetallic, plastic, glass and PET packaging.
Our fillers willbeinstalled on stainlesssteel structures and covers a dosage range rangingfrom 10ml to 25 liters for liquids&from 10g to 25 kg for powders and granules.Thesedosing machines willbeoffered semi-automatically and canbeinstalled on an automatic packaging line.
Our dispenserskeep the texture of the product and ensureprecisionreaching up to 1/1000 of the desired volume or weight.Our packaging machines are used in varioussectors:Volumetricdosing machine, filling machine for liquid and viscousproducts (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, etc.)
Our dosersensure the filling of a wide range of semi-pastyliquidproducts, in variousdosingcapacities, such as: juice, jams, hot spreads, yogurts, sauces, oils, creams, talc, dried fruits …
Our vacuum dosers, intended for fluids, ensure a constant level.