Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Wide range of automatic or semi-automaticlabeling machines suitable for all forms of packaging: round, conical, elliptical&square.With the precise application of the label on one, two or threesides as well as fromabove or below.Our labeling machines are designed to be the most flexible, flexible, reliable and efficient.Theypresent the results of the various solutions that have been acceptedduring more thantwenty-five years of experience.These machines are accompanied by real-time Dater and applysystems, for printing the date and the batch numberbeforeapplying the labels.Their rate reaches up to 10,000 exposures / hour.Our industriallabeling machines canbeequippedwith one, two or threeheads.Theywillbemodular and scalablesothatwecan insert a second head on a machine thatcontainsonly one headat the start.Our labeling machines canoperate on theirown or in an existing production line.Theywillbeequippedwithadjustment, orientation, and spacingsystems.Theymeet the strict production requirements.

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