Fill and Seal Bagger machines

Fill and Seal Bagger machines

Our vertical bagging machines are designed for bagging the liquid (shampoo, mayonnaise, ketchup, juice, liquid soap and oil etc.) of the viscousproduct (cream, gel, paw) of the powders or granules (detergent, coffee, dried fruit, sugar ,rice, beans…) ,Our bagging machine canproducebagswith 3, 4 welds or cushion-shaped to bespecifiedwhenordering. Equippedwith a bag / productcounter.Pneumatic model simple to handle and maintain.Adjustable piston dosing machine.All components in contact with the products are made of stainlesssteel, in accordance with the rules in force.The thing and book with an opening system.The entiredosing cycle, formation of sachets – filling – welding, cutting and packaging are fullyautomatic.Differentkinds of productsmayrequire modifications of fillingsystems. Switchingbetweenproductsis not always possible. All components thatmake contact with the product are made fromstainlesssteel and othersapproved for use in foodindustrymaterials.Our bagging machines provide a rate rangingfrom 25 to 80 strokes / min.Theycanbecoupled to multi-headweighingsystems, or countingsystems. A metal detector and a weightcheckerwillbeinstalled on customerrequest.

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