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About us

The CMS industry has been founded since 1994 in collaboration with European machine builders (Austria, Italy …) and a Tunisian assembly to maintain proximity to the Maghreb territory.

During these years the CMS industry specialized more and more in the mastery of technology, its objective was always to ensure quality and reliability for the construction of the various packaging and packaging machines as well as assembly lines in automatic.

More than 25 years of experience, CMS Industrie manufactures packaging and packaging solutions with strict requirements in accordance with the directives of the European standard and specific know-how in the various fields.

Thanks to a management rate that exceeds 75%, allows CMS industry to be more flexible, thus ensuring precise and optimized solutions while ensuring the cleanliness and respect of your product.

We put our expertise and our networks at your disposal to find personalized solutions better suited to your needs in the most efficient and profitable way while ensuring not only the right choice of material and components but also total product safety. , users and the environment.

We offer a wide range of filling, capping, labeling and grouping machines for your products, whetheritis packaged in different packaging (GLASS, PET, METAL, SQUEEZE) as well as complete medium and high packaging lines. Cadence which meets the most requirements in terms of quality, reliability, ease of use and performance.

These machines are mainly mechanical, designed to work in a humid environment, equipped with high precision doser, and with a robust structure in low maintenance stainless steel.

Their design is ergonomic, with great flexibility which allows a quick and simple format change.

Our engineering capabilities ensure that all systems meet customer needs very precisely. We also carry out large-scale turn key projects for our clients.