Bagger Machine

From a reel of film, our machines give shape to the bag, before to ensure filling and closing.

The bags can be delivered to the output, unitarily or rosary.

The film which may be neutral, printed, with or without spot, passes through a shaping.

It will then be heat welded by a longitudinal sealing system to form the backing

A system for transverse sealing and cutting ensures the heat welding of the bag before it is ejected.

Our machines are designed for a wide variety of product such as powder, granule, liquid, cream ...

They provide the packaging bags with 2 welds and the bags with 3 welds.

The material used for these bags will be made of polyethylene, polypropylene, or other on request multilayer complex.

Our baggers provide a speed of 25 to 80 strokes / min.


They can be coupled to systems of multi weighing heads, or counting systems.

A metal detector or a checkweigher will be installed on request.



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