We have developed a wide range of machines screwing, ratcheting, crimping and sealing closure by conduction or induction.

Our closing heads are available  under shape individual or integrated(joined) with a totally automatic line.

Screw head and snap:

These heads will be intended for any corks to screw or to clash plastic or metallic such as: cap lubricant cans, bottles cap syrup, detergent and shampoo ...

Regardless of the size of the container to be closed, each head ensures the closure of a wide variety of diameters of the cap.

The screw heads have a interchangeable sockets and will be equipped with adjustable friction clutches to avoid damaging the caps.

Each sockets is for one cap diameter.

They will be equipped with guide units to avoid radial effort so reducing the cost of maintenance and impressive pressure adjustment closure effort.

Crimping head for:

Our heads are equipped with pliers or crimping rollers to ensure sealing of the vials such that:

Metal cap for olive oil or syrup...

Valve for perfume, oil...

and sprayer for aerosol ...


Sealing head:

A wide range of sealing head by induction or conduction ensuring a total waterproofness.

The sealing heads conduction are intended for welding aluminum lids on all types of packaging bottles, jars, cans, boxes, bottles, and plastic welding of plastic pipes and metallo intended for creams.

The number of heads to be installed will be considered depending on the desired speed.

These heads will be individual, semi automatic, or automatic equipped by their store and their manipulator pose lids.

These devices ensure a refill without stopping the machine.
The stores require a very simple setup and often have a vertical stacks equipped with manipulators with sucker for taking and placing lids.

All power sealing settings , temperature and pressure will be shown legibly and clearly.

The induction sealing heads are cooled by air or water and mounted on a conveyor which has a variable INOX speed.

The power and the system of cooling will be sized according to the domain of use and the hours of functioning during day.



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