Diverse Solutions of the dosage (volumetric, weight and under vacuum)

CMS INDUSTRIE offers its various dosage Solutions (volumetric weight & vacuum)


These feeders cover all types of flexible packaging and metal  rigid , plastic and PET.

They will be installed on tubular structures in stainless steel and covers a range of dosage from 10ml to 20 liters for liquids & 10g 20kg for powders and granules.

Dosing capacity well heard depends on the type of each machine.

They keep the texture of the product and ensure precision  reaching up to 1/1000 of the volume or weight desired.

Their rate arrives until 1,500 doses / hour heads.

When the volune or the weight of the dose is determined, the same quantity of the product is repeated with a constant precision, without dripping nor loss thanks to spouts or to screws specially conceived.

These dispensers are available in semi-automatic and can be installed on an automatic packaging line.

Each machine includes parts and fittings adapted to its field of application.

They have excellent ergonomic accessibility, a very simple setting and impressive time cleaning.

They work as well for hot products as colds and used in different sectors:

Food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals:

Our feeders provide in various capacity dosing, filling a wide range of products to semi-liquid paste, such as juices, jams, spread warm, yogurts, sauces, oils, creams, talc, dried fruits, perfumes , caplets, syrups ...

Our feeders under vacuum designed for fluids, ensure a constant level are installed at leading cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.



Our machines among other  filling various chemicals such as detergent, glue, paint, grease, lubricants, granulated pesticides, powder ...

They are installed in world leaders in the chemical and oil field.

The change of dose is so simple and fast thanks to its motorized mechanism will be questioned directly via the PLC and from a tactile operator panel with adjustable contrast.
The dosing screws for powder, granules and balances for cylinders and nozzles for fluids and creams are all sized for creatures adapted to the various machine types: horizontal, vertical, linear or rotary, with bottom fill etc..




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